Computer connections and software

Most pages on this website don't need you to have extra software to view them. Some pages, however, may require you to download software if your computer doesn't have the software on it already.
This is most likely to happen if you don't have any software for:

  • open documents or PDF files (for downloads)
  • viewing email (for email subscriptions)
  • viewing video files
  • listening to audio files.

What to do if you experience problems

Check this page to see if any of the problems sound familiar, and try the solution suggested.

Good luck - and remember, you can always contact us for help.

Nothing happens when I click a link ...

Most often, your computer has the software you need to view website pages, though sometimes nothing happens when you click a link. This is a sign that you could need to download some software, or that your computer's configuration is going to struggle with the content.

... to a document

If nothing happens, don't despair. Whenever we publish a Word document to our website, we will also publish it in PDF too.

... to a PDF file

Portable document formats or PDF files require you to have reading software on your computer. If the link doesn't open when you click it, try downloading the reading software, Adobe Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe.

Note that there are other free PDF readers available.

... to an audio file

It requires you to have an MP3 audio player on your computer.

If the audio file doesn't play when you click the link, download the most recent version of Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

... to subscribe to an email mailing list

We have a number of ways to stay informed, including subscriptions to to our downtime notices when our systems are being maintained outside of planned outages.

The video runs so slow I can't watch it

We present video as streamed content, which is highly compressed and tries to get to you as quickly as possible. This type of content is best viewed with a broadband internet connection.

Still having trouble?

We'd like to know if you're having problems with our website, so contact us if you are still having trouble.

Last Updated: 11/12/2012

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