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Andrew Blyton

Name and qualifications

Andrew. Bachelor of Software Engineering

Current position at IP Australia

Team Leader, Java Upgrades Project, Business & Information Management Solutions.

How did you find out about IP Australia?

Online. There was an ad on the job site many years ago. Also, word of mouth. Several friends of mine started here after university and recommended it.

What made you choose to work at IP Australia? Was there anything specific about the Agency that stood out to you?

IP Australia offers work within a vast range of Information and Communitcation Technology (ICT) disciplines. At the time I only had experience and knowledge in a subset of these disciplines, but I was inspired by the prospect of broadening my skills.

What keeps the job interesting?

For me, the problem solving keeps this job interesting. We have quite a sizable and complex in-house software platform at IP Australia, meaning there's always something that requires attention. Being a smaller agency also gives us the advantage of being able to respond rapidly to problems or changes in business needs, which is difficult in larger departments.

Is there a particular project you have been involved with at IP Australia that you especially enjoyed? Why?

The project I'm currently working on is probably the most enjoyable to date. Aside from ensuring our ICT infrastructure is running supported and maintainable versions of software, part of the intent of the Java Upgrade Project is to make our business systems more efficient, robust and maintainable. I enjoy the satisfaction of “fixing things” and also the experience gained from working with the latest technologies.

How do you find the training and professional development offered by IP Australia?

In recent years the organisation has run a series of management and leadership training courses. I found the year long leadership training course I participated in to be of substantial benefit.

Throughout the course of the year topics covered included teamwork, planning, financial management and policy. Because the course was delivered over a year there was a lot of substance and detail.

How adaptive is IP Australia, from a developer's perspective, in terms of responding to and/or purchasing enhancements and updates?

IP Australia does fairly well, for a government agency, when responding to timely updates of software and hardware. As with all responsible government organisations, we have a change management process to which we must adhere and sometimes this doesn't allow changes to occur as quickly as some would like. That said, we do attempt to stay at the forefront of technology.

There is currently a project underway in the organisation to replace all desktop PCs with new models containing solid-state hard drives.

How do you find the general culture of the IP Australia workplace?

It's often stated that one of the best aspects of working at IP Australia is the people. I've certainly found this to be true. People here are happy in their jobs and most everyone I come in contact with is genuinely nice and willing to help you however they can. I enjoy my sports and in recent years there's been a welcome growth in the number and variety of social sporting groups. I've joined in many lunchtime and after work activities with colleagues, including volleyball and running.

What would you highlight to potential applicants considering a career with IP Australia?

I think the focus placed on a work-life balance, within the organisation, has been key to making IP Australia a great place to work. The flex-time arrangements coupled with our close proximity to walking tracks and sporting facilities (gyms, ovals, a pool) means that you don't have to stay stuck inside during your lunch break. Also, with IP Australia being predominantly self funded, you are far less stressed when the Federal Government budget is announced.

Last Updated: 06/2/2014

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