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Shaun Kelly



Current position at IP Australia & commencement of employment

Manager, Business Reporting Team, since February 2006.

How did you find out about IP Australia?

I found out about IP Australia via the Australian Public Service Gazette.

What's involved in working in Business Reporting in IP Australia?

In my role in IP Australia I have the ability to think and act strategically and tactically. I've been able to work with managers, examiners, ICT professionals, and other staff from all business groups in the agency.

I've also been involved in helping to develop reporting policy and strategy, data warehouse and business intelligence architecture, as well as service delivery of the data warehouse and business reporting function.

What is the most interesting thing about (a) your job and (b) working at IP Australia?

Working in Business Reporting brings me into contact with a lot of different business areas in IP Australia, including customer operations, examination, ICT, and corporate services. I have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of interesting, engaging and dedicated people from across the organisation.

Is there a particular project you have been involved with at IP Australia that you especially enjoyed? Why?

A project I have found to be particularly fulfilling has been developing IP Australia's Corporate Data Warehouse. Containing data from most of our major database systems, including administration and examination, HR and even some finance data, I have been able to gain exposure to many different facets of IP Australia's operations.

I also led the team that put together our Toastmasters Club. This club provides a great opportunity for IP Australia's staff to improve their communication and leadership skills.

How do you find the training and professional development offered by IP Australia?

IP Australia provides a huge array of learning and development opportunities spanning all areas of our professional lives. Since joining the agency I have been supported with technical training as well as undertaking a variety of leadership and management programs.

IP Australia's commitment to learning and development is also evident in its ongoing support for our corporate Toastmasters club. Our Director General is the club patron and has been very supportive of this initiative to provide our staff with ongoing opportunities to further communication and leadership skills.

How do you find the general culture of the IP Australia workplace?

I find IP Australia to have a very collegiate atmosphere where you can become acquainted with a lot of people from all areas of the agency. There is a very active Social Club which provides a regular program of activities: good for networking or just a fun get-together.

What would you highlight to potential applicants considering a career with IP Australia?

IP Australia offers a diverse range of career opportunities. It is a largely academic work environment which is also friendly. The opportunity to work with a variety of different people across various business lines is really appealing.

Last Updated: 13/12/2012

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