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Shaun - ETL 300 x 430

Shaun, Data Integration Developer and Administrator

Shaun joined IP Australia in 2006 and says that one of the things he has always liked about his role is that it has required him to work with staff from all business groups within the agency and it has given him the ability to think and act strategically.

"I've been working at IP Australia throughout one of the most interesting transitional periods as we have moved from traditional paper based processes to an electronic services delivery model. In the relatively short period I've been here we've made some significant changes that have ultimately helped the Australian public."

Shaun said that a project he has found particularly fulfilling was the development of IP Australia's Corporate Data Warehouse which has pulled together data from most of our major database systems, including administration and examination, HR and even some finance data.

Shaun has been active in the staff Social Club and was one of the founders of the IP Australia Toastmasters Club that offers excellent opportunities for staff to improve their communication and leadership skills.

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Last Updated: 31/7/2014

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