Profile - IT (Shaun K)

Shaun Kimber small

Name and qualifications

Shaun. Bachelor of Information Technology

Current position at IP Australia

SOA Developer /ICT graduate.

What made you choose the Graduate Program at IP Australia? What are your thoughts about the program? What about it stands out?

I chose the graduate program at IP Australia because of its perks and opportunities for training. The program I am on is slightly different to the standard grad program because in my program I don't rotate, I stay in the SOA Management Team. This works well for me because it gives a stable base within a team that reaches out and has contact with a lot of other areas within BIMSG. The fact that my team has opportunities to work alongside, and understand the other areas of IT stands out to me.

What is the most interesting thing about (a) your job and (b) working at IP Australia? 

What interests me most about working at IP Australia is that I get to learn about the world of IP and how it works.

Is there a particular project/work area you have been involved with at IP Australia that you especially enjoyed? Why?

I was involved in writing a service to talk to a new piece of hardware that IP Australia was using. It was interesting seeing what was involved in the configuration and running of the hardware.

How do you find the initiation, training and professional development offered by IP Australia?

The training and professional development is very good. It's also dynamic and original. They understand here that professional development is not only about attending training. For instance, when I started I was invited to morning teas with the executives in order to learn who is who and develop internal networking opportunities. I have also been on a number of courses relevant to the work and tools that I use.

What opportunities have you had since joining IP Australia – i.e. training, development, conferences and/or representing the Agency in other forums?

Since starting at IP Australia I have had the opportunity to attend multiple TIBCO user groups, a conference in Sydney and training events at IP Australia.

How do you find the general culture of the IP Australia workplace?

As a graduate, and someone new to the industry, I welcome the relaxed and friendly culture of IP Australia. Everyone is extremely helpful.

Last Updated: 13/12/2012

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