Profile - IT (Shaun K)

Shaun - SOA 300 x430

Shaun K, SOA Developer

(Bachelor of Information Technology)

Shaun joined IP Australia as a graduate in 2011 with the Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) Management Team.

"On the whole, I get to do what I'm interested in. I get to learn new things and work with new technologies all the time. At the moment I'm basically doing a lot of research and development. I get to work on lots of different applications and much of my role involves trying to work out ways of doing things more efficiently."

Shaun says that he enjoys working with some of the other graduates at IP Australia, because they are roughly the same age and have similar interests.

"As a graduate and someone new to the industry, I like the relaxed and friendly culture of IP Australia. Everyone is extremely helpful."

He says that his team has opportunities to work alongside many areas of the organisation and he enjoys seeing some of the challenges faced by other areas of IT.

He has also been on a number of courses relevant to the work and tools that he uses.

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Last Updated: 31/7/2014

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