Profile - Trade mark examiner (Euan)


Name and Qualifications

Euan. Bachelor of Professional Writing; Masters in Communications (Creative Writing)

Current employment speciality

Training Supervisor; Subject Matter Expert for International Non-proprietary Names (INN's) and INN Stems

Current position at IP Australia & commencement of employment:

Training Supervisor and senior examiner. I started at IP Australia in October of 2005 and have been a senior examiner and trainer of new examiners for about two years now.

How did you find out about IP Australia?

I was directed to the Public Service Gazette by my mother-in-law!

What made you choose to work at IP Australia? Was there anything specific about the Agency that stood out to you?

When I applied, there was no specific thing about the Agency which stood out as I was largely unaware of the Agency.

What is the most interesting thing about (a) your job and (b) working at IP Australia?

Training new TM examiners is always interesting and fun. Obviously, different people bring different experiences and different background to the organisation and it's important to deliver training in a way that is accesible to everyone. You need to be flexible in your approach and be prepared to accomodate various levels of legal and systems knowledge.

The most interesting thing about working at IP Australia is the opportunities for personal development. Since starting at IP Australia I've been to conferences, one of which was at Ayers Rock. I've also worked for two weeks in an attorney firm in Perth, delivered external user training in searching the TM database to customers in Sydney and Melbourne. I have been given training, and achieved Certificate IV qualifications, as a Workplace Assessor and Workplace Coach and I've also taken part in development activities like the Introduction to Management Program.

Is there a particular project you have been involved with at IP Australia that you especially enjoyed? Why?

While not a project, per se, the Attorney Placement program was a fantastic opportunity to work with professionals in the IP industry and become familiar with some of the requirements of their side of the business. It was also a great chance to break down some of the barriers between the Office and the Profession and work around a bit of the "us and them" mentality that can sometimes creep into our interactions with attorneys.

How do you find the training and professional development offered by IP Australia?

As a provider of training, I think we're doing a pretty good job. We always strive to deliver the best possible information in the clearest possible way, while seeking feedback and suggestions from new examiners and other trainers to fine tune and improve the process. The professional development available in the Office is excellent.

You need to put your hand up and engage with the process, but if you're willing to drive your own development there are many opportunities on offer.

How do you find the general culture of the IP Australia workplace?

The culture in the Training Hub is extremely positive and supportive. It's our job to get the trainees up to speed and fully delegated as examiners and all of the trainers love that job.

What would you highlight to potential applicants considering a career with IP Australia?

The support and culture in the Training Hub and the opportunities for personal development once you've achieved full delegations.

If you moved here for the job, how do you find living in Canberra?

Didn't move here, but I love living in Canberra. Out-of-staters are often surprised by what this city has to offer in terms of dining, shopping and culture. We're two hours from the beach in summer, three hours from the snow in winter and in the city itself we have a fantastic lake, bike paths and a world-class mountain biking facility. We also have theatre companies and galleries where people can get involved, as well as the obvious National monuments.

Last Updated: 13/12/2012

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