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Current position at IP Australia & commencement of employment

I returned to IP Australia in January this year as a Trade Mark Examiner, having previously worked here from 1999 to 2008.

How did you find out about IP Australia?

I can not remember exactly how I first learnt about IP Australia. However, in terms of my return, I had a number of friends encouraging me to apply for vacancies that were coming up and I was keen to come back to the Agency.

What made you choose to work at IP Australia? Was there anything specific about the Agency that stood out to you? What interests you most about working in trade marks?

I like the location of IP Australia and the atmosphere of the organisation. I find the people very friendly. Plus, returning to IP Australia was something that I looked forward to as it meant reconnecting with a lot of friends I made when I worked here previously. IP Australia has a good staff retention rate - people seem to want to stay here for a long time.

What interests me most about trade marks? I'd have to say it is the research. I am always learning new things about all sorts of different areas, from manufacturing, to agriculture through to the technology sector.

What about your job do you value the most?

Interacting with the different people who are involved in applying for trade marks. From trade mark attorneys through to private applicants, I love the passion people have for their ideas and businesses.

Having just returned to IP Australia, are there any specific types of projects you would like to work on?

Right now I'm undertaking training so I haven't been involved in any specific projects but I'm encouraged by the opportunities on the horizon. These include the chance to potentially work with WIPO for a year in Geneva, to being a subject matter expert in internal IP Australia projects, and many more.

Has there been a particular trade mark application that stood out to you for some reason?

I enjoy it when I see a trade mark that I have examined being used, for instance when I am walking around the supermarket and see a product that I looked at the trade mark for. It shows that the work that I do has an impact and is important to people which makes me happy to come to work.

How do you find the training and professional development offered by IP Australia?

The on-the-job training is very comprehensive. There are lots of things to learn within each part of examination and you are always building upon your level of knowledge.

The professional development continually offered by IP Australia is quite good, including internal training and the ability to apply for external courses. There is also the option to apply for study leave.

How do you find the general culture of the IP Australia workplace?

Supportive and understanding. The great culture here is definitely one of the things I came back for!

What would you highlight to potential applicants considering a career with IP Australia?

IP Australia has a lot of support in place for further development within the department. The opportunities are there, you have to keep an eye out for them. Ultimately, a job is what you make of it.

At IP Australia the potential is definitely there to enjoy the work.

Oh and, it gets quite cold in Canberra and if you're not used to it, the first -5 morning can be quite a shock.

If you moved here for the job, how do you find living in Canberra?

There is a very wide range of social groups and activities to be involved in. I enjoy the size of Canberra as I feel a little overwhelmed in the larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra is a quieter place and I like being back here. The one small downside is, having moved here from Cairns, you can imagine how much I enjoy the Canberra winter.

Last Updated: 13/12/2012

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