Profile - Senior Trade mark examiner (Ian)

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Ian, Senior Trade Mark Examiner

Ian worked as a trade mark examiner at IP Australia from 1999-2008, and was excited to return to the role in 2012. He particularly enjoys the research involved with each new trade mark, from manufacturing and agriculture through to the technology sector.

However, interesting work wasn't the only reason Ian returned to IP Australia.

"I like the atmosphere of the organisation and find my colleagues are friendly and supportive. I also enjoy interaction with the different people involved in applying for trade marks. From attorneys through to private applicants, I love the passion people have for their idea and business."

Professional development was also a big draw card for Ian, including comprehensive on-the-job learning and courses. Ian has benefited from internal training, and values the opportunity of applying for external courses with supported study leave.

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Last Updated: 30/5/2014

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