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We are introducing a number of IP initiatives to streamline and improve the ways in which we do business with you.


We have released a new electronic portal called eServices which allows you to register, login and transact with us online. We will be progressively adding more services and transactions to the portal throughout the next financial year. Find out more information on eServices and how you can use it to manage your business with us.

Business to Business (B2B)

We have developed a Business to Business (B2B) software product that's designed to cater for high volume electronic transactions. It uses a multiple file transfer (MFT) platform so that service requests are automatically transferred from our customers' IT systems to our own.

Find our more information about Business to Business (B2B) software product.

Case Management

This project aims to line up our four individual IP rights (Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Breeder's Rights) into one easy to use system. This will make it easier for you if you have many IP rights.

One exciting part of this project will be the ability for you to discover details of all your IP rights in one place, those of others and further information that will improve the way you do business with us.

This project has just started and more information will be available over the coming months.

Last Updated: 25/7/2014

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