Business to Business (B2B)

What is B2B?

The B2B portal has been designed to cater for the needs of our high volume users. B2B facilitates the direct exchange of transactions between customer IT systems and our own, and provides immediate acknowledgement and validation reports. The B2B technology allows for the transfer of large attachments such as images and specifications and has upfront fee calculation and error detection. Customers using this technology pay on submission via direct debit which ensures that there are no over or underpayments. The immediate response and improved accuracy of the data captured by B2B means that customers can complete large numbers of IP right renewals quicker than ever before.

What transactions are available through B2B?

You can submit the following transactions through B2B:

  • Patent renewals
  • Trade Mark renewals
  • Designs renewals
  • Patent Applications (including Standard, Provisional and Innovation)
  • Patent Examination requests
  • Trade Mark Applications
  • Design Applications
  • Plant Breeder's Rights Applications
  • Renewals for all IP rights
  • Trade Mark Registrations

What is involved in setting up B2B?

Some key points to consider when assessing if B2B would be beneficial to your business are:

  • B2B customers are required to sign the B2B agreement
  • Payment for B2B is by direct debit from an Australia bank account 
  • Customers are required to obtain a digital certificate (KeyPost) which will be used to secure the transfer

B2B customers should consider that they may incur additional systems development, testing and maintenance costs to establish B2B from their business systems.

Last Updated: 05/12/2012

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