Completion of Inbound transactions within eServices

The weekend of 7 December will see the completion of inbound transactions to IP Australia via our eServices portal. This release includes the addition of International IP right and General Sales service requests to the "General eService Request".

A new feature is the "Make a payment" functionality. This service will allow users to make payments on IP rights, Invitations to Pay (ITP), Invoices and any other general payments.

In addition to this release, we are also piloting the 'Alternate Lodgement System' (ALS) which will be invoked whenever there is a significant outage of eServices. The Alternative Lodgement System is a simplified version of eServices that allows electronic submissions during scheduled outages.

We have developed a range of documentation to assist our eServices users to make a smooth transition to the new functionality. This documentation includes a PDF user guide for a selection of requests. You can access these reference materials from the links below.

Future enhancements

"General eService"

The next significant enhancement to eServices, the "General eService", has now been released into the portal.

The "General eService" functionality allows registered eServices users to submit the majority of the remaining service requests not currently offered within eServices. The General eServices includes high volume service requests such as:

  • Examination responses for all IP right types
  • Extension of time requests (Patents, Designs and Trade Marks)
  • Assignment of ownership for all IP right types
  • Various amendments/variation requests for all IP right types

We have developed a range of documentation to assist our eServices users to make a smooth transition to the new functionality. This documentation includes a high level instructional video and a PDF user guide for each IP right type. You can access these reference materials from the links below.

View the "Instructional Overview" transcript

Return Correspondence

We have recently commenced an initiative to develop a facility within eServices to provide correspondence electronically for all service requests received through an online channel. We anticipate that the first release of return correspondence in eServices will be early 2014 and will commence with patents correspondence. Future correspondence releases in mid to late 2014 will return Trade Marks, Designs and PBR correspondence.

New transactions through eServices 

At IP Australia, we want Australians to be able to derive maximum value from the IP system in an easily accessible and cost effective manner. To achieve this we are committed to continually improving our business systems to meet our customer requirements and expectations.

Our customers have told us that they want to be able to conduct transactions with us online and at their convenience. They also want a secure and consistent customer experience when they interact with us. In response to our customers we released an electronic transaction portal called eServices in May this year.

We are pleased to announce that we have just released the following transactions into the eServices portal:

  • Patent applications (including examination requests, postponement of acceptance and selected amendment types)
  • National Phase Entry requests
  • Trade mark applications
  • TM Headstart (including Part 1, Amendments and Part 2)
  • Design applications (including requests for registration, examination and publication)
  • Plant Breeder's Rights Applications (Part 1)
  • Multi-year patent renewals
  • Patent examination requests

The eServices portal caters for both IP professionals and self filers. eServices allows users to register, login and submit transactions online and offers users a consistent experience across the four IP rights. eServices has upfront fee calculation and error detection, and payment is made at submission using a Visa or MasterCard. The portal also allows users to save requests, access eServices transaction history and update selected user details.

Start using eServices

Note: If you have already started a Trade Mark application through our old Online Services, you will need to start again in eServices.

When applying for a Design application through eServices the number of copies of Representations for Design applications is now only one, and not the five copies as stipulated under Paras 4.04 (1) (f) and 4.05 (1) (f) of the Designs Regulations 2004.

Register and login now to use eServices.

You can also read our tips for registering or view the user guides below to help you understand what you need to complete the application process for each IP right.

If you would like to provide us with feedback or suggestions about what you would like to see included in our electronic platforms, please submit a feedback form.

Last Updated: 28/3/2014

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