Heartbleed Bug - Changing Your Password Is Recommended

28 Apr 2014

A vulnerability known as the Heartbleed Bug has been discovered that affects many websites around the world. The vulnerability exists in a commonly used SSL library called OpenSSL. SSL is a protocol used to manage the security of the internet communications.

The vulnerability allows malicious parties to eavesdrop on what should be secure communications. This means there is potential to steal usernames, passwords, and the private keys that encrypt the communications.  There is no way of knowing whether your credentials have been compromised. Any website that uses the common OpenSSL library is potentially vulnerable.

IP Australia takes its security and that of its customers seriously. We have undertaken an investigation into the impacts of the vulnerability on its systems.  As a result we have patched vulnerable systems and are changing any potentially affected private keys. We are not aware of any breach of security however as a precautionary measure we strongly recommend that you change your password for eServices and ePCT.

To change your password in eServices click 'Forgot your username/password' link in the Sign In section. You will be asked a security question before your password will be reset.

ePCT customers should have already received an email to change their passwords. If not, you can change your password by going to the login page and clicking on the 'Forgot your password?' link.

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Last Updated: 02/5/2014

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