Australian Government seeks feedback on an IP Toolkit for Collaboration

22 May 2014

Public consultation is underway on a proposed IP Toolkit for Collaboration (the Toolkit) which aims to assist collaborative parties to navigate more easily through intellectual property (IP) negotiations.

Both the Chief Scientist and the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property have identified a number of barriers to collaboration between universities, publicly funded research organisations (PFROs) and industry. Increased collaboration between the public and private sectors is seen as a key driver of innovation and economic growth, delivering important competitive advantages for Australian businesses as they strive to compete for global markets.

Among recommendations for improving collaboration between the two sectors was the development of educational resources to assist universities, PFROs and industry parties, including small and medium-sized enterprises, establish the terms of collaborative activities.

The objectives of the Toolkit consultations are to develop a practical set of resources to improve collaborations between PFROs and industry to:

  • facilitate negotiations between potential collaborators;
  • reduce the time and effort required to secure agreement; and
  • provide examples of best practice.

A discussion paper has been released to seek views on the elements that should make up the proposed Toolkit. Interested parties are invited to make written submissions. Please note that the due date for submissions has been extended to 30 May 2014. 

Find out more about the Toolkit consultation.

Contact officers: Paulette Paterson +61 2 6213 7259 and Kerry Sillcock +61 2 6213 6555.

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Last Updated: 22/5/2014

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