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How should Australia protect Indigenous Knowledge?

Traditional Knowledge, culture and genetic resources are important to indigenous people all over the world.

In Australia there is growing interest in protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' culture and knowledge and improving the lives of Indigenous Australians.

We want your views about how Indigenous Knowledge can work with the intellectual property (IP) system.

The IP system consists of patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and plant breeder's rights, and is in place to protect innovation and creativity.

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So far, we've recieved the following submissions

Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council 

Arts Law Centre of Australia 

Patricia Adjei 

Indigenous Advisory Committee 

Terri Janke and Company IP Lawyers 

Ninti One Limited 

What is Indigenous Knowledge?

There are many ways to describe knowledge that is unique to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Some words overlap or have different meanings depending on how they are used.

We've used 'Indigenous Knowledge' to mean Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions. This includes stories, dance, languages, symbols, crafts, cosmology, medicinal and environmental knowledge.

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Did you know?

Since 2001, the United Nations has considered many options for the IP protection of Indigenous Knowledge.

Some countries want strong rights or even cultural self-determination for indigenous people. Other countries don't want new regulation that might hurt economies and international trade.

Your views can help Australia in these discussions.

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Last Updated: 23/11/2013

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