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The IP system may not be perfect, but can it be improved?

Copyright, patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights all have their place in a modern economy. However, these laws make assumptions that may not be true for all people, in all situations.

We want to examine these assumptions with understanding, common sense and mutual respect by engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Engagement begins with listening.

Do you have more stories that can be shared with us?

There are true stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples using IP:

Help us find the way

Many communities and their representative bodies have protocols for managing Indigenous Knowledge. Some cultural, government and research organisations also have protocols. Do these protocols provide sufficient protection for Indigenous Knowledge? Can IP better protect Indigenous Knowledge?

What about benefit sharing, or acknowledging when Indigenous Knowledge is used by others?

There's no point making change for change's sake. The IP system should be useful and fair for all Australians. The IP system needs to work for you. That's why we want to hear your views.

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Photograph: © Tess Atie Northern Territory Indigenous Tours 2010. Used with permission.

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Last Updated: 16/12/2013

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