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You can view statistics on patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights, and more detailed patent examination statistics. You can also request bulk data products. 

Current statistics - IP Rights fact sheet 

The Australian IP report contains the latest statistics and trends relating to patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeders rights.

We also have a variety of basic data available for your statistical reference in excel and as handy IP Right fact sheets. These include:

  • the overall number of applications for patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights for the past ten years
  • countries origin for patents, trade marks and designs applications for the last calendar year
  • numbers of Australian vs foreign PBR applications for the past eight years
  • the overall number of oppositions filed and hearing decisions issued for patents and trade marks for the past ten years

IP Australia Data in excel [115KB]

Financial year data 2012-13 in excel [97KB]

IP Rights fact sheet PDF [66 KB]

Other statistics 

Customer Service Charter reports and our contribution to the Department's Annual Report are available on our reports page.

International IP statistics are available on the WIPO website.

Specific patent examination statistics

There are specific sets of statistics available for patent examinations.

Information about patent application demand and current hearings

Patents Examination and Hearings Group - Demand Report

Current strategy for issuing directions for the examination of patent applications

Application of the Directions Strategy in June resulted in the following Directions Issued by technology type.

  1. Directions will generally be issued on a weekly basis.
  2. Directions will be issued irrespective of technology for:
    a) Applications with a filing date greater than or equal to 57 months prior to the date of direction;
    b) Divisional applications; and
    c) Family members of those applications directed under point (2b).
  3. For any given technology the total number of directions to be issued will be determined based on predicted production capacity for that technology. Directions will be issued under point (2) irrespective of capacity. However, if this number is insufficient then additional directions will be issued until the predicted production capacity is met. Additional directions will be issued in order of priority date with oldest being issued first.

Information on response times by technology type and current response times for patent examinations. This can be used to see the average elapsed time taken between lodging an application and issuing first reports. 

Bulk data

If you haven't found the statistics you are looking for in the options above, you might be interested in our range of bulk data products.

While these products contain comprehensive bibliographic and image data from our databases, the data is in a raw form and you will need to have a purpose-built system and do your own analysis. These products are recommended for experienced data analysts only.

More information

Contact us for more information about our statistics products.

Last Updated: 22/7/2014

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