Current Response Times

WorkgroupMonths since date of requestDate of request (Year-Month)
 A2 Chemistry-Biotechnology16 2013-04
 A3 Physics-Electrical16 2013-04
 A4 Mechanical16 2013-04
 B1 Chemical Engineering16 2013-04
 B2 Applied Chemistry16 2013-04
 B3 Chemistry-Biology16 2013-04
 B4 Physics-Mechanical16 2013-04
 C2 Chemistry16 2013-04
 C3 Electrical-Electronics16 2013-04
 C4 Electrical-Electronics16 2013-04
 C5 Mechanical17 2013-03

The customer response times listed in this table have been estimated based on the unexamined inventory of in force applications with requests for examination at the date of reporting. The customer response time is defined as the 96th percentile of the time from request for examination to the date of reporting.

Last Updated: 08/8/2014

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