Patent Examination & Hearings Group Demand Report

International Searches - Requests

Demand Report International

Based on the figure from Finance, of 177 PCT search requests for the month, PCT searches are at 109% pro rata compared to revised Op Plan - and annual target of 2933 searches for 2010-11.

USPTO PCT searches are at 107% pro rata, Article 15(5) searches are at 100% pro rata, Bilateral searches are at 64.8% pro rata, AusIndustry searches are at 0% pro rata based on revised Op-plan 2010-11.

The overall number of searches (PCT, 15(5), Bilateral, AusIndustry) filed is running at 92% pro rata (YTD cf revised Op Plan).

National Filings

Demand Report National Filings

Based on monthly figures of 1401 national phase entries for April 2011 are 197 lower than the corresponding month last year. The 481 filings for national applicaiton in the month are 62 higher compared with corresponding month last year.

National Phase: 97.2% pro rata YTD compared with target of 19000 as per PPBRG revised operational plan 2010-11.

National Applications: 104.1% pro rata YTD compared with target of 5866 as per PPBRG revised operational plan 2010-11.

Last Updated: 17/12/2012

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