Directions Issued

Application of the Directions Strategy on 16 April 2014 resulted in the following directions being issued:

Technology (Section)Number of directions with filing date greater than or equal to 57 months (ie filing date of 31/09/08 (Column 1)Number of directions issued with a filing date less than 57 months. (Column 2)Most recent priority date of directions issued under column 2.(Column 3)
Biotechnology (A2)1015725-Jul-08
Physics (A3)04831-Jul-08
Mechanical (A4)211615-May-07
Chemical Engineering (B1)1614829-Jul-08
Chemical/ Biotechnology (B2)16823-Jul-08
Pharmaceuticals (B3)38011-Oct-06
Electrical/ Medical (B4)40911-Oct-05
Chemical (C2)120511-Oct-06
Electronics (C3)311930-Jul-08
Electronics (C4)940328-Jul-08
Mechanical (C5)2112930-Jul-08

Last Updated: 22/7/2014

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