Strategic statement

Delivering a world leading IP system

The IP Australia Strategic Plan 2015 -2018 guides the organisation's future direction so it can continue to fulfil its goal to deliver a world leading IP System.

Our Strategic Plan 2015-2018 is an overview of our strategic priorities for the next four years. It outlines our strategic priorities for the IP system and the key strategies we will use to deliver against our those priorities.

What we want to achieve

Our vision is to have a world leading IP system that builds prosperity for Australia. 

We will work to achieve this through delivering efficient IP rights administration. We will also work to contribute to the innovation system more broadly by also using our expertise, skills and experience to advise government and Australian businesses to make the most of their IP.

We will:

  • deliver new and improved administration of IP rights that enhance the customer experience
  • increase awareness of the IP system
  • collaborate internationally to add value to the IP system
  • shape the IP system to serve Australian innovation and business build the capability of our people and our organisation.

Last Updated: 20/3/2015

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