Strategic statement

Our Strategic Statement 2013-2018 [1.17MB] sets the priorities that strengthen and sustain the organisation.

To deliver robust IP rights efficiently

Our strategic statement guides the organisation's future direction so it can continue to fulfill its purpose of providing an intellectual property system that promotes innovation, investment and international competitiveness for the benefit of all Australians.

What we want to achieve 

Our main ambition is to make the IP rights system more effective. We will achieve this by increasing business understanding of the IP system, improving the consistency of our decision making, our response times and our business systems.

We will:

  • deliver robust IP rights and satisfy our customers in terms of timeliness and value for money
  • be recognised as one of the leading IP offices in the world for the quality, accuracy and consistency of the IP rights we grant
  • enable Australians to gain maximum value from the IP system by providing effective information and education services
  • be regarded as a leading Australian government agency, respected for our valuable contribution to the national innovation system

We also have a major responsibility in shaping IP policy. From time to time the IP system, both domestically and internationally, requires adjustment to meet new demands and keep up with economic, legal, social and business developments. Our role is to ensure that these adjustments are in Australia's best interest.

Our strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is an overview of our strategic priorities for the next five years. It supports our Strategic Statement by further outlining our goals for the IP system and the key strategies we will use to deliver against our strategic priorities.

Last Updated: 03/9/2014

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