World IP day

Each year April 26 marks World Intellectual Property (IP) Day - an international event celebrating IP's role in fostering and encouraging innovation and creativity. The theme for World IP Day 2013 was Creativity: The Next Generation.

Australia has no shortage of past inventions that remain household names decades later. Four generations of Australians have been raised on Vegemite since its creation in 1922. Then there's the Victa lawnmower, the Hills Hoist, the ABC logo and the Qantas Flying Kangaroo. Many more inventions have shaped our way of life, and many more will do so in the future. It is an exciting prospect.

The history of Australian innovation highlights the importance of IP and its role in encouraging innovation. Behind every great Australian invention is a remarkable human story, in which the curiosity, insight and determination of an individual has led to some remarkable discoveries.

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Last Updated: 26/11/2013

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