Is registering your design the right choice

You need a registered design if the look of your product gives your business a competitive edge.

Your design may be your most valuable asset and failure to protect it may put your business at risk.

A design can be registered in Australia, provided it is both new and distinctive.

You can use your design as you see fit and prevent others using it without your permission. You can sell or licence it letting others take the risk and expense of production and marketing.

Protect your design

Don't miss any opportunity to protect and exploit your design. You should treat your design in the same way you would treat a physical asset. Many smart businesses identify and value their registered designs, listing them with other assets on their balance sheet.

Developing effective strategies around your registered design will give your business a major, sustainable competitive advantage.

Protecting your design prevents others from trading on your hard work and allows you to fully capture the return on your investment.

Artworks and circuit layouts

You don't need a design for artwork, which is automatically protected by copyright. You do need a design if your artwork is applied to a product, which gives that product a unique look.

You don't need a design for circuit layouts, which are automatically protected by a modified version of copyright.

Last Updated: 23/11/2013

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