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  • Design copying

    An Australian clothing designer discovered she had no legal recourse against a retailer who was copying her designs, as she hadn't registered the designs before releasing them. Design registration doesn't prevent copying but it means you can take the copier to court.


  • IP protection for a beach chair

    When Katherine Drayton realised that her innovative beach chair could be marketable, she researched her IP rights and took out protection in the form of an innovation patent, a design registration and a trade marked logo.

    Patents Designs Trade Marks

  • IP protection for a unique windsurfer

    Surfer and sailboarder Graeme Attey created a land windsurfer that gives the rider the same feeling they have when surfing or snowboarding. He not only protected his valuable invention with a patent, but also registered its design and trade marked its name.

    Patents Designs Trade Marks

  • IP protection for innovative fishing gear

    Andrew Fogarty from Innisfail, Queensland, devised a fishing lure with several unique and innovative design features that set it apart from the competition.


  • Protecting Australian Fashion Designs

    IP Australia interviewed Kate Anderson Head Designer of Australian fashion label, Finders Keepers, to find out how she protects the designs she produces.


  • Register of Olympic Designs

    Australia's Register of Olympic Designs was established under legislation to give the Australian Olympic Committee ownership of certain registered designs.


Last Updated: 19/12/2013

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