We want you to be able to derive maximum value from the IP system in an easily accessible and cost effective manner. To achieve this we are committed to continually improving our business systems to meet our customer requirements and expectations.

You have told us you want to be able to conduct transactions with us online and at your convenience, with a secure and consistent customer experience when interacting with us. In response to the changing needs of our customers, over the last few years we have implemented and further developed our electronic transaction portal, eServices.

eServices is a secure, reliable and convenient way to access a range of our transactions and services. With eServices you are able to view your history; apply, renew or amend your application; save or resume a current eService and make payments.

Electronic trade mark correspondence in eServices

Following on from the successful introduction of electronic correspondence for patents, we are expanding the functionality of our online transaction channels, eServices and B2B, by providing electronic correspondence back to our customers for five of our high volume Trade Mark notices. 

We are on track to deliver correspondence for Trade Marks correspondence electronically by end August 2015. Future releases will focus on offering electronic correspondence for Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights.

See more information on the release of electronic trade mark correspondence.

Electronic patent correspondence in eServices

From 01 September 2014, eServices users will be able to access and download patents correspondence from IP Australia in PDF format.

This first release of correspondence is for patents only and does not include the other IP right types (Trade Marks, Designs, Plant Breeders' Rights.) Detailed information is available in the eCorrespondence user guide and the Electronic correspondence FAQs.


No outages are currently planned.

See our system availablity page for more information

Make a payment

A new feature "Make a Payment" will allow users to make payments on IP rights, invitations to pay (ITP), invoices and any other general payments.


eServices offers all patents service requests, including:

  • Patents applications (Provisionals, Standards, Innovations and National Phase Entry)
  • Patents assignments
  • Patents amendments
  • Patents renewals
  • General patents payments (including Invititation to Pay)
  • Patent certified copy requests

eServices log-in

For more information on how to apply, go to Apply for a Patent.


International (PCT) Patent Applications are handled via an external international site.

PCT log-in

For more information on how to apply for an International Patent Application.


eServices offers all designs service requests, including:

  • Designs applications
  • Designs amendments
  • Designs renewals
  • Designs examination requests
  • General designs payments (including invoices)
  • Designs certified copy requests

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For more information on how to apply, go to Apply for a Design.

Trade Marks

eServices offers all trade mark service requests, including:

  • Trade mark applications
  • TM Headstart (pre application service) PART 1
  • TM Headstart amendments (pre application service)
  • Trade mark amendments
  • International trade mark applications
  • Trade mark renewals and registrations
  • General trade mark payments (including invoices)
  • Trade marks certified copy requests

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Not sure which type of application is right for you? Go to Get the Right Trade Mark.

For more information on how to apply, go to Apply for a Trade Mark.

Trade Marks International Fee Calculator

Plant Breeder's Rights

eServices offers all plant breeder's rights service requests, including:

  • Plant Breeder's Rights applications - Part 1 and Part 2
  • Plant Breeder's Rights assignment of rights
  • Plant Breeder's Rights variations
  • Plant Breeder's Rights general payments (including invoices)
  • Plant Breeder's Rights certified copy requests

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For more information on how to apply, go to Apply for a Plant Breeder's Right.

Last Updated: 17/11/2015