eServices FAQ

What is the difference between Online Services and eServices?

Online Services was our former electronic transaction suite and has been replaced by eServices.

eServices is an electronic business portal that allows you to perform transactions for all IP rights and access services that have never been offered by us before. 

Why can't I access the eService login page?

Access to eServices requires internet security settings to be set. If you receive a message from your internet browser similar to "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." Click on 'Tools' in your browser menu. Select 'Internet Options'. Select the 'Advanced' tab. Under the 'Security' header ensure that 'Use SSL 3.0' and 'Use TLS 1.0' are checked.  

Why do I have to register to perform transactions?

In the eServices portal you are required to register and login for all transactions including those that you did not have to login for previously while using online services. This is so we can help you manage your IP and protect your customer details. 

Will my online services login details work for eServices?

No. Your online services login is valid for the online services portal only and can not be transferred to eServices. You must register for eServices separately using the eServices portal.

When I register for eServices can I use the same login as I did for online services?

Before you can login to eServices you must register to become a user. If the user credentials that you used for online services are available and meet the eServices security requirements, then you will be able to use the same login.

Please be aware that while you may be able to use the same login details to register, eServices will not be able to recognise or show you the details for any transaction that you made through the online services portal. 

Will my online services transaction history be available through my eServices history?

No. Online services and eServices are two separate transaction platforms with different customer data management systems and do not have the capacity for information sharing.

How much does eServices cost to use?

The eServices platform is provided free of charge by IP Australia. The only fees you will occur are those associated with the transaction you perform; for example to renew a trade mark you need to pay the applicable renewal fee.

I saved an application in Online Services. Can I resume it through eServices?

No. You will need to begin a new application in eServices.

Can I open a saved eService zip file on my computer?

No. If you would like to make changes to a saved eService you will need to resume the transaction in the eServices portal using the "Resume a saved eService" function.

Will you send me an official receipt for the transactions I complete using eServices?

No. You will be issued with an official onscreen receipt and your transaction details will appear in your eServices history.

Last Updated: 21/10/2013

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