Overview of the process

A patent is a right granted for any device, substance, method or process which is new, inventive and useful. Granted Patents (Standard) and Certified Patents (Innovation) are legally enforceable and give the owner the exclusive right to market and protect their patent to ensure commercial gain. The following information is a general overview of the patent process including fees.

Provisional Application

A provisional application allows you to establish the filing date of your invention while you decide whether to continue the patenting process.

Standard Patent

A standard patent gives you long-term protection and control over your patent for up to 20 years.

Innovation Patent

An innovation patent offers a much faster application process and gives you short-term protection and control over your patent for up to 8 years.

Patent Co-operation
Treaty (PCT)

A PCT application allows you to file one international application for one or more countries that are part of the Treaty (over 140 countries including Australia).

Last Updated: 12/4/2013