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AusPat changes coming soon

Following stakeholder engagement carried out last year and an external review of AusPat some key issues were brought to the attention of the AusPat team. As such over the Past 8 Months we have been working hard to develop a new and improved AusPat user interface.

The changes that you will see include such things as;

  • A newly designed interactive landing page
  • A refreshed look and feel to results pages and application details pages
  • Simplified access to AusPat's core search functions e.g. Persistent search buttons
  • Quick search located on the AusPat landing page
  • Improved site navigation
  • New help and information pages
  • A new learning page housing all learning materials including embedded YouTube videos
  • An archive for old newsletters and outage information

AusPat interface

Most importantly we will not be changing the way that you currently search on AusPat only enhancing your user experience!

AusPat is the comprehensive search system for Australian patent data; providing a single point of enquiry for information on Australian patents. It allows you to:

  • search for applications via Quick, Structured or Advanced search options
  • use a range of search options, including search by patent number and inventor name
  • find variants of Applicant names, Inventor names and Publication actions
  • view, sort and print the results of your search
  • customise the search results page by adding, removing or rearranging columns
  • save searches and applications for easy reference later
  • view up to 165 discrete data elements for each application
  • access responses, reports, amendments and search reports via eDossier
  • access additional opposition, ownership and publication data
  • subscribe to cases of interest using the Subscribe to Email notification service
  • submit s27 and s28 material to IP Australia using the Public Submission of Relevant Material (s27, s28) link on the relevant application details page

What is available in AusPat?

All Australian patent records dating back to 1904 are accessible through AusPat. However some records can only be accessed by searching a limited number of fields as not all data has been captured.

Year rangeData available
1904-1920Application number, text of full specification
1920-1935Application number, text of full specification, IPC marks
1935 - 1979Some bibliographic data, text of full specification
1979-currentBibliographic data, text of full specification

While all Australian patent records are available in AusPat, some records have missing specifications. We are working towards making these progressively available.

The "Filling the Gaps" spreadsheet lists all the affected applications. It provides some basic bibliographic data that can be used to identify gaps specific to particular technology groups and can be searched using common spreadsheet functions such as "sort", "find" and "filter". This spreadsheet will be updated regularly.

  • Filling the Gaps - a list of missing specifications that we are making progressively available (last updated 16 May 2013) 

You might find it helpful to check the different publication document kinds we use. You may also want to read our system requirements

AusPat downtimes

AustPat wil be unavailable each day for approximately 10 minutes between 10:30PM and 1:00AM (AEST).

AusPat will also periodically undergo maintenance during our scheduled system maintenance times.

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Last Updated: 12/11/2014

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