AusPat FAQs

Issue 1: Session Time out

After conducting a search and attempting to display a second page of search results the following message is displayed:

Your current session has timed out after two hours of inactivity. You have been returned to the start page for a new session.


Caching and cookie version conflicts within Internet Explorer.


We recommend the following course of action to resolve this issue:

 1. Ensure that Internet Explorer checks the new versions of pages each time they are retrieved.

  • Choose Tools > Internet Options
  • Click the Settings button
  • Select "Every visits to the page"
  • Click the "OK" button
  • Click the "OK" button

 2. Ensure that cookies are always accepted from IP Australia

  • Choose Tools > Internet Options > Settings
  • Click the "Privacy" tab
  • Click the "Sites..." button
  • Type* into the "Address of Web site" box
  • Click the "OK" button
  • Click the "OK" button

In addition we suggest that you:

 1. Clear all Cookies from your browser

  • Choose Tools > Internet Options
  • Click the "Delete Cookies..." button
  • Click the "OK" button
  • Click the "OK button

 2. Clear the Cashe in your browser

  • Choose Tools > Internet Options
  • Click the "Delete Files..." button
  • Check the "Delete Files..." button
  • Check the "Delete all offline content" checkbox
  • Click the "OK" button
  • Click the "OK" button

Issue 2: Blank Search Return

After undertaking a valid search, the Search results page returns a blank section where the results usually display.




There are three simple work arounds to try:

  1. Click the Refresh button in the toolbar to activate the Refresh keyboard shortcut (on Microsoft Windows computers, either F5 or Ctrl-R).
  2. If that doesn't work, try Ctrl-F5 (i.e. hold down the Control key and then press F5); this shortcut is documented as always refreshing the page from the Internet, regardless of what is in the cache.
  3. If neither method of refreshing works, you can manually delete all files in your cache. To do this, select Tools > Internet Options from the menu and then click the "Delete Files..." Button. (Note that this last process may take some time if the cache has not been recently cleared).

Finally, you might simply consider trying a different Web browser. Firefox, Chrome and Opera are three popular alternatives available for a variety of operating systems.

Issue 3: Timestamp is older than 24 hours

The Timestamp on the search results page is more than 24 hours old.


The overnight job failed at some point and rolled back to the last successful run.


Raise the issue with our Customer Service Centre on 1300 65 10 10.

Issue 4: 'Start again' link

The 'Start again' link is displayed.


Check to see if more than one instance of AusPat is open on the computer. AusPat gets confused when more than one instance is open and displays the 'start again' message.


Close the AusPat database, reopen only one AusPat database and restart search.

Last Updated: 16/1/2014

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