Types of patents

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There are two types of patents granted in Australia - standard and innovation. You need to research them thoroughly before deciding which one suits your needs.

There are differences in the cost of the patents, the length of protection they offer, the time they take to process and the type of invention they seek to cover.

In order to have a patent granted on your invention you need to file what is known as a complete application. Prior to filing a complete application you can also file a provisional application. While a provisional application will not result in an enforceable granted patent it can be useful in establishing an early priority date.

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Last Updated: 03/4/2014

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Patent forms

eServices is our online system you can use to apply for a patent.  If you don't want to apply online, we also have forms for you to use.

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Patent FAQs

Have some questions about the patent process or applying for a patent? Check out our FAQs

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Patent case studies

We have a range of patent case studies, including how to protect and enforce your patent

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