Apply for a trade mark

It is important that you understand the eligibility requirements before you apply and that you know how to describe your goods and services.

There are three paths you can take to apply for a trademark. Each path meets slightly different needs and has slightly different fees:

Not sure which type of application you need? We can help you to choose the right trade mark application method.

What to include

An application must include the following:

  • your name and contact details
  • a representation of the trade mark - see our image requirements for eServices
  • a list of the relevant classes - know what you are offering as goods or services
  • a description of the goods and/or services to which it will apply
  • a translation of any part of your mark that is another language
  • the required fee.

Fees if applying by mail

Please note that applying by mail is more expensive than applying online. Fees for applying through the post out outlined in the table below:

Trade Mark Application $220 per Class
Series Trade Mark Application $370 per Class

These fees are subject to change. GST does not apply to these statutory fees under Division 81 of the GST Act 1999.

Last Updated: 24/11/2015

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