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It is important that you understanding the eligibility requirements before your apply and how to describe your goods and services.

You can apply for a trade mark with the correct fees in several ways.

Not sure which type of application you need? We can help you to get the right trade mark.

Online application

Using eServices you can apply for your trade mark online with the following services: 

  • file your Standard Application
  • apply using the TM Headstart (pre-application service), which can provide an assessment of the suitability of your proposed trade mark before you officially apply

What to include

An application must include the following:

  • the name and contact details of the applicant
  • a representation of the trade mark - see our images requirements for eServices
  • nomination of the relevant classes - know what you are offering as goods or services
  • a description of the goods and/or services to which it will apply
  • a translation of any part of your mark that is another language
  • the required fee

Other options to apply

If you are unable to apply online using eServices we have other application and payment methods.

Last Updated: 03/10/2014

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