Classes of goods and services

A guide to describing your goods and services

When you apply to register a trade mark, you must provide a description of the goods or services you intend to use your trade mark on. These goods or services need to be identified from one or more classes.

The Classification Search Database (pick-list) can assist you recognize the class(es) your goods and/or services are best related to. You can use the database to identify the correct classification of goods and services for your trade mark. The Classification Search Database also includes a snapshot of the types of goods and services that fall in each class ('class headings'). Online applications filed using the pick-list are eligible for a discount of the filing fees.

You do not have to worry about calculating your filing fees, as the pick-list will automatically do it for you and there won't be any classification errors preventing acceptance of your trade mark application.

We will determine if your trade mark is suitable for registration in the class(es) you identify in your application. 

What should you list?

We use an international system of classification known as the 'Nice Classification System'. Goods and services within this system are divided into 45 classes.

Before you begin, think carefully about the goods or services you want protected by your trade mark. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to expand your list of goods or services once you file your application.

To help you decide what goods or services to list, think about the exact nature of your business and ask yourself the following:

  • Where do you derive your business income?
  • What is the nature of your business?
  • What are you known for by your customers/clients?
  • What products or services does your business provide?

Choose Wise is a series of videos designed to make the process of choosing goods or services in your trade mark application easier. This series highlights common issues that applicants experience when applying.

Choose wise video

Watch the individual chapters:

01 Introduction

02 If I have goods and or services in a class does that cover me for the whole class?

03 Retail services

04 Advertising your business vs advertising for others

05 Installation maintenance and repair services vs goods being installed maintained and repairs

06 What are you known for and what is the end product?

07 Internal business functions

08 I have a website

09 My trade mark is on it

10 The list doesn't cover what I do

11 Summary

Last Updated: 24/6/2014

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