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Searching ATMOSS

The Australian Trade Marks Online Search System (ATMOSS) enables you to search all current trade mark registrations, pending applications and keep track of their progress. On the ATMOSS website you have the option to log on or enter as a guest. If you enter as a guest your search results and selected trade marks will not be saved for future sessions. If you log on to the site you will be able to save all your searches and create lists for future reference.

ATMOSS searching video series

This series will assist with conducting searches of the ATMOSS database and how to search our database effectively and thoroughly. It provides tools and tips to do a comprehensive search and locate trade marks that are the same or similar to your trade mark.

Part 1: an introduction

View "an introduction" transcript

Part 2: how to access and its functions

View "how to access and its functions" transcript

Part 3: consider your own trade mark

View "consider your own trade mark" transcript

Part 4: developing a search strategy

View "developing a search strategy" transcript

Part 5: understanding search results and useful tips

View "understanding search results and useful tips" transcript

Word / image search

The Word / Image search field defaults to '3) Part Word'. This is the default setting because it will search on plurals and parts of words.

If you do a part word search on the word 'chief' your search result will include words such as 'chief' and 'chiefs'. If you select '1) Exact Word' and search on the word 'chief' your search will only return results for the word 'chief' and will exclude matches for related words such as 'chiefs'. You should search using the most descriptive words of your trade mark.

You can view the details of any similar trade marks by clicking on the relevant trade mark number. You should also search on phonetic variations of the word(s) you are searching for. If you were searching for the term 'easy' you should also look for variants such as 'esy', 'eezy', 'ezy' and 'eezee'.

The ATMOSS search fields only allow one word to be entered per field and do not support punctuation or spacing. If you type two words such as 'food ideas' into a field an error result will appear. To search for 'food ideas' you would need to type 'food' into the first field and 'ideas' into the second field.

If you want to search for an image you need to search under option '6) Exact Image' and '7) Part Image'. You should use the most descriptive words contained in your graphic as your search terms, for example, rather than searching 'tree' you could search the words 'tree' and 'willow'.

Number search

You can follow the progress of a specific trade mark application through ATMOSS. If you have a specific trade mark application number you are interested in viewing, you can enter it in the search field 'Trade Mark Number'.

Owner search

If you place your mouse cursor over the word 'Search' on the left side of the ATMOSS home page, you will be given the option of selecting 'My Search', 'Basic' or 'Advanced'. If you select 'Advanced' you will be taken to a screen that allows you to search by a name. You have the option to search by 'Owner', 'Opponent', 'Non-Use Applicant' or 'Claimed Interest Name'.

Further information on searching ATMOSS is provided through the 'Help' link on the left side of the page within the ATMOSS database.

Trade Mark Image Viewer

You can use the Trade Mark Image Viewer to view trade marks that contain pictures or fancy typescripts by number or by a range of numbers.

Both word and image trade marks along with their full details may also be viewed through the ATMOSS Trade Mark Search.


IP Australia offers courses that provide you with information on how to conduct efficient and thorough searches of the Trade Marks Database; including tips, strategies and specialised searching tools.

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You can contact an IP professional for specific assistance on trade mark matters.

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