Fast tracking your trade mark examination

You can request a faster processing of your trade mark application; this is known as expedited examination.

This may be helpful for legal or commercial reasons.  This means that we will advance your application in the queue and examine your application sooner.

Eligibility for expedited examination will depend on the circumstances of your case.
A request for expedited examination might be granted if, for example, there is court or legal action expected or underway, or if there are urgent commercial reasons such as pressing launch dates or issues with a competitor.

There are no fees for asking to expedite the examination of your application. After your application has been filed, a request for expedited examination can be made. Your request must be accompanied by a declaration setting out the reasons for the faster application processing.

We will assess your request for expedited examination on its merits, including the reasons you provide.  In some cases, we may not grant expedited examination if you do not show that there was a strong commercial or other reason likely to cause you serious disadvantage.

Your request for expedited examination can be submitted online using eServices.

Expedited Examination Tips:

  • Make sure you remember to provide reasons why the examination of your application should be expedited
  • Be clear and specific when detailing your reasons

Last Updated: 28/11/2014

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