Trade mark case studies

  • Australian Made, Australian Grown

    The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo – you know the green triangle with a golden kangaroo found on the corner of packaging in your local supermarket – helps identify genuine Australian products.

    Trade Marks

  • Building a franchise through branding

    The Coffee Club started as one store in Brisbane and quickly became a national franchise with over 100 outlets. This success has been driven by the IP focus of its founders, Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas, who understand the strength of branding in attracting customers and franchisees.

    Trade Marks

  • Buying the company but not the IP rights

    Volkswagen (VW) paid $1 billion-plus to buy the Rolls-Royce Motor Company (RRMC) in 1998. However, it turned out that the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand name were not included in the sale.

    Trade Marks

  • Clarification of 'sale' through a Federal Court case

    On 16 July 1991 Sun World Inc. made an application for the grant of plant variety rights under the now-repealed Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 (PVR Act). The application related to a grapevine variety generally known as 'Sugraone'.

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  • IP for Action Sports

    Store owner and designer of what is arguably the best superlite bike in the world today uses IP to protect his business and give investors confidence in his brand.

    Trade Marks

  • IP protection for a beach chair

    When Katherine Drayton realised that her innovative beach chair could be marketable, she researched her IP rights and took out protection in the form of an innovation patent, a design registration and a trade marked logo.

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  • IP protection for a real estate brand

    The success of Dean Gordon's real estate support business, Real Support, is based on strong branding and a good reputation. From the start he knew it was imperative to protect his company name and logo - his intellectual property.

    Trade Marks

  • IP protection for an advertising agency

    Advertising agencies have traditionally disregarded their IP rights, despite IP being their most important asset. It may be time for agencies to recognise this and change the way they negotiate with clients about ownership of IP.

    Trade Marks

  • IP rights in a business name

    When they started out, the founders of Egg Media Industries had more immediate concerns than checking and safeguarding the IP rights to their business name. Having exceeded their own expectations of success, they now face the possibility that their name is not secure.

    Trade Marks

  • IP strategy for a children's clothing brand

    Since founding her children's clothing brand at the age of 19, Clair Jennifer has built up a distinctive brand with some 50 retail stores in Australia, and taken an active approach to protecting, defending and commercially exploiting her IP.

    Trade Marks

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