Movement trade mark

If you are submitting a trade mark application for a movement file, you will need to include a movement file in support of your application.

In the following examples of applications for a movement trade mark, the owner has provided a movement file in support of their application/registration.

Movement trade marks

TM# Endorsement  
919012 The trade mark is the portrayal of the red coloured character as it appears in the video clip attached to the application form. The two dimensional image of the character attached to the application form is a still of a scene from the video clip. The trade mark does not include words or sound. Play video (mpg)
1134286 The trade mark is an animated sequence involving two flared segments that join together as shown in the representations attached to the application. The sequence is of approximately one second's duration. During the sequence, a star-shaped geometric object moves up the outermost line of the first segment, across the apex where the two segments join, and down the innermost line of the second segment. The lines in each segment change colour as the geometric object moves. The two dimensional representations attached to the application form show the progression of the star-shaped object and are stills taken from the animated sequence. The trade mark is not restricted to colour. Play video (mpg)

Last Updated: 27/3/2014

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