Case studies

  • Alchemia: 10 years from patent to payday

    What does it take to lead a biotech start-up? Try nerves of steel, the patience of a saint, and a brains trust of PHDs and MBAs.


  • All things PBR on Radio Adelaide

    Dr Heather Bray (University of Adelaide), Dr Jane Rathgen (Adelaide Research and Innovation), and Doug Waterhouse (IP Australia) talk all things Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR) on Radio Adelaide.

    Plant Breeder's Rights

  • An Aussie fix for aortic aneurysms

    Cook MedicalZenith Endovascular Graft provides a less invasive option to treat Aortic aneurysms.


  • Andrew Lake from Pristine Forage Technologies on PBR

    Pristine Forage Technologies operates breeding and plant improvement programs across a range of annual and perennial legumes.

    Plant Breeder's Rights

  • BioSA's million dollar IP fund

    BioSA has announced a new $1 million fund for intellectual property (IP) protection in South Australia’s universities, Adelaide Research Innovation (ARI), ITEK and Flinders Partners.


  • Bionomics scores a $345M deal

    2012 marks an important milestone for Australia’s biotech industry.


  • Building a franchise through branding

    The Coffee Club started as one store in Brisbane and quickly became a national franchise with over 100 outlets. This success has been driven by the IP focus of its founders, Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas, who understand the strength of branding in attracting customers and franchisees.

    Trade Marks

  • Buying the company but not the IP rights

    Volkswagen (VW) paid $1 billion-plus to buy the Rolls-Royce Motor Company (RRMC) in 1998. However, it turned out that the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand name were not included in the sale.

    Trade Marks

  • CSIRO's WLAN patent

    Wireless LAN is one of those all-pervasive technologies we rarely think about - probably because it works really well.


  • Clarification of 'sale' through a Federal Court case

    On 16 July 1991 Sun World Inc. made an application for the grant of plant variety rights under the now-repealed Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 (PVR Act). The application related to a grapevine variety generally known as 'Sugraone'.

    Trade Marks

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