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When you start a business, it's a good idea to look at the ways you can protect your intellectual property (IP) to give you an advantage.

If you start a business with a weak approach to IP it can prove disastrous down the track and very difficult to rectify.

To make sure you start on the right foot, this section outlines how IP can work for you. There is plenty of information in this section to assist both new and old business owners in everything from business planning to franchising.

Buying a business

When you buy a business you are buying the intellectual property and the rights to use it. Just as you need to value the stock, fixtures and fittings, you need to value the IP and other intangible assets.

IP associated with a business

The following list identifies IP and other intangible assets that may be associated with a business:

Intangible assets such as trade marks, patents or licenses should be recorded at their value on the date you buy a business. Just as with physical property, depreciation can apply to IP assets but successful businesses can also see the value of IP increase.

The key thing when buying a business is to ensure ownership of all IP assets are transferred into your name.

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Last Updated: 21/9/2015

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