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IP protection in the fashion industry is complex but important. This information is designed to help you understand what you need to do to maintain and defend your rights.

The key areas of protection for fashion designers are:

Registered designs, trade marks and patents need to be maintained to protect your rights. Annual fees are payable or you may forfeit your right.

We recommend that you speak to an IP professional about identifying and protecting the  types of IP you might have in your business.

What do you have? How can you protect it? How long are you protected?
SketchesCopyrightYour life plus 70 years
Your life plus 70 years
PrintsCopyrightYour life plus 70 years
PhotographsCopyrightYour life plus 70 years
Manufactured  garments
Registered design
Up to 10 years
One-off handmade garments
CopyrightYour life plus 70 years
Handmade jewellery
CopyrightYour life plus 70 years
Your name / labelTrade mark
Renewable every 10 years
LogosTrade mark
SlogansTrade markIndefinitely
InnovationsPatentUp to 20 years

Last Updated: 21/9/2015

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