Last updated: 
18 May 2016



Key aspects include:

•           Be an authoritative source and/or complete set of information about the organisation and how staff do their jobs

•           Provide a news centre to engage staff and support people in their jobs throughout their career in IP Australia (e.g. guide staff to the right and complete sets of information)

•           Be a single entry point to a variety of information (including reports from IT systems) and data collections

•           Show complex linkages between business groups, the Department, the Australian Government and other IP rights bodies

•           Be a mechanism to transfer and publish approved artefacts developed other environments (including collaboration environments - area where ideas are shared and built within and across teams).




Contain relevant and critical business information from all business areas and cross corporate information relevant to all staff. The intranet comprises several levels of structured pages, which provide the framework to enable staff to navigate to the information they need to access. The Intranet also includes links to information and resources provided outside the Intranet.


Access and Security


Available to all IP Australia staff.



The public may access Intranet content via freedom of information.