Last updated: 
18 May 2016



Make external materials, chosen for their suitability in supporting corporate goals, and other resources accessible to staff to support:

•           patents and trade marks examination processes

•           IP Australia policy development

•           current awareness of IP and related issues

•           IP Australia staff professional and personal development.




Books, journals, online services (such as database subscriptions) and the IP rights Official Journals. Its focus is information relating to patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights. Word usage materials comprise a significant resource for staff of core business, technical and policy areas. The library collection also focuses on intellectual property law and science and technology. It includes materials that increase current awareness of IP related developments. Skill development, management and self-development resources are also an important part of the collection.

The library collection includes the Australian Intellectual Property Thesaurus, which has been created by library staff. It is used for SNIPER database indexing and by other IP Australia projects where subject indexing or vocabulary control of intellectual property material is required.

The library also manages access and links to full text, image, web-based and other materials.


Access and Security


All IP Australia staff have access to the Library Collection. The Public also have access to the Library collection via inter-library loans.