Last updated: 
18 May 2016



Enable IP Australia to interact with parties.  Also enables IP Australia to meet its accountability requirements to the Australian Government by providing an effective history of transactions and decisions made in relation to a party’s interaction with IP Australia.




Details of IP Australia customers and parties with an association with an IP right or any other party IP Australia has a transactional relationship where it needs to keep details of the party. It includes parties’ names addresses and their preferences for communicating with IP Australia. Party records include feedback provided to IP Australia by customers and our response to that feedback.


Access and Security


Name and address for service details of IP right applicants and IP right owners are publicly available. The majority of other party records would be exempt under freedom of information (except for parties seeking access to their own records).



Access to party information not publically accessible is limited to staff that have a need to know and is either For Official Use Only or Sensitive: Personal