Last updated: 
18 May 2016



Enable IP Australia to meet its accountability requirements to the Australian Government by providing an effective history of transactions and decisions made under the Patents Act 1990. The records provide details of the administration of patent applications and granted patents.




All information associated with the prosecution of patent applications (including oppositions) and the maintenance of granted patents. Includes applicant details, and patent requests and complete specifications.


Access and Security


Access to patent records depends on whether it is open to public inspection or whether the subject matter of an application is subject to a prohibition order. Most patent records from 2006 that are open to public inspection are available via an eDossier service accessible from the IP Australia Internet site. Open to public inspection patent records not available from eDossier may be requested from the Sales team in Patents and Plant Breeder’s Rights Administration.



Patent applications subject to a prohibition order are managed in accordance with the Australian Government Protective Security Framework as if they are classified as Secret.