Last updated: 
22 October 2021

What are we doing to be green?

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We are focused on being environmentally responsible and using resources sustainably.

We have developed and implemented an environmental management system (EMS) across the organisation which has achieved ISO 14001. We were one of the first intellectual property (IP) offices globally to achieve the certification.

What is ISO 14001 and how does it help us to be green?

ISO 14001 is an international best practice standard for managing an organisation's impact on the environment. It provides a structured approach to planning and implementing environmental protection measures and supporting improved environmental outcomes. In order to gain certification, we are assessed by an independent auditor and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

ISO 14001 standard is identifiable by the certification logo.

It's easy being green - you can do it too!

We have implemented and will continue to implement ways to reduce our impact on the environment including energy, water, recycling and waste.

We will continue to work with our customers and suppliers to help collectively improve our environment.

Our environmental policy

We will:

  • be environmentally responsible
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements
  • incorporate environmental better practice into our core management processes
  • efficiently use resources including reusing and recycling where possible
  • strive to continually improve our environmental performance through a robust EMS within our business framework that meets ISO 14001 requirements
  • encourage environmental awareness among all staff
  • ensure we work closely with our customers, suppliers, local communities, and other interested parties to continually improve our processes in environmentally better practice
  • reduce our energy and resource use to a sustainable minimum
  • actively seek to reduce pollution.

IP Australia Environmental Policy Statement