The Office of the Chief Economist was established in 2012 to understand the role intellectual property (IP) plays in our economy. IP Australia’s Chief Economist is Benjamin Mitra-Kahn.

IP rights protect creations of the mind, enabling people to benefit from what they invent or create. By achieving the right balance between the interests of innovators and the public, the IP system tries to cultivate an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish. At the OCE we aim to understand the economic impact of IP laws and the effect of IP policies on innovation, competition, and economic performance. We are active participants in public policy debates related to IP. We provide decision makers with evidence-based advice to maximise the economic benefits of the Australian IP system.

Our main functions are to:

  • maintain complete, publicly available IP data sets that link IP rights to business numbers allowing applicants and researchers alike access to our insights into the Australian IP system
  • conduct research projects investigating economic issues related to IP
  • provide economic advice to assist IP Australia and other Commonwealth agencies make informed, evidence-based policy decisions.

Products and services 

The Australian IP Report

The Australian IP Report is a comprehensive annual report of IP activity in Australia. It is the OCE's flagship annual publication.

Patent Analytics Hub

The Patent Analytics Hub supports Australian innovation by providing evidence of innovation trends to government agencies, universities, and publicly-funded research organisations. This analysis of target markets, collaboration, trends, and developments in specific technology areas can help to inform policy and strategic decisions. The Hub also provides a number of publicly-available reports.

IP Nova

IP NOVA is a free data visualisation platform allowing users to explore the IPGOD and IPGOLD data without needing statistical software.

IP Government Open Data

Intellectual Property Government Open Data (IPGOD) and Intellectual Property Government Open Live Data (IPGOLD)  are  IP Australia’s publicly available IP rights related data sets. 

TM Link

TM Link, a collaboration between IP Australia and Swinburne University of Technology, is a world-first internationally-linked trade mark database.