Position Title: Data Governance Facilitator
Classification: Executive Level 1
Position Number: 8019
Tenure: Ongoing
Duration: Permanent
Section: Data Governance Office
Group: Director General
Division: Policy and Corporate
Location: ACT
Immediate Supervisor: Executive Level 2
Security Classification: BASELINE

Group Responsibilities

IP Australia is a steward and custodian of the data it collects on behalf of the Australian people, which means that we have a responsibility to protect, manage and maintain our data. In addition, our data is one of our biggest assets and we need to ensure that we put that asset to work to maximise its value for the organisation and the Australian public.

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is appointed to provide a formal focal point within the business to systematically improve data management as an organisational discipline. The CDO is injecting focus and attention into taking a significant step towards professionalising how we manage and make the most of our data assets.

Section Responsibilities

The Enterprise Data Governance Framework is a component of the IP Australia strategic plan which, when implemented, will establish a pragmatic and sustainable governance structure for data management across the organisation, based upon recognised best practices and standards. It should be read in conjunction with the Data Matters strategy.

The data governance function sets the parameters under which all other data management functions are performed, and its implementation is a pre-requisite for effective management of data assets across an organisation. Effective data management is a state where data is well governed, well managed, and curated in a manner ready for reporting, analytics, automation, and external sharing, whilst managing risks to acceptable levels.

The Data Governance Office (DGO) is a new entity created under the Data Governance Framework, reporting to the CDO and providing support to all parts of IP Australia.

The Data Matters strategy has a vision for agency data to be available to those who need it anytime and anywhere. To support this vision data is to be treated as a product and data decisions must be considered throughout its lifecycle to ensure that it can be integrated with other data. As a subject matter expect within the section, the Data / Information Governance Officer will have a crucial role in supporting the vision of the data matters strategy. They will provide insight and expertise on data and information governance to further the aim of the agency to manage its data better.

The Data/Information Governance Facilitator will report to the CDO who is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the use of IP Australia’s data assets and developing the Data Matters strategy. The section sits within the Policy and Corporate Division.

Job description / Context of the role

The DGO is charged with facilitating the implementation of the framework, providing the tools and resources needed by staff across IP Australia, and coordinating reporting and measurement processes that provide the Executive with an objective assessment of the organisation’s data governance maturity.

Under the broad direction of the Chief Data Officer, the Data Governance Facilitator will work with a level of independence and is responsible for:

  • Working across the agency to ensure that data is valued, protected and leveraged to its maximum utility by promoting data/Information as an asset and through understanding the collection and use of data by the agency and its stakeholders and partners
  • Convening the Information Governance Committee (IGC) and the three Communities of Practice (SCoPs) - Data Stewards, Data Custodians and Data/Analytics Network
  • Promotion of best practices in data/information governance and management
  • Providing professional, strategic and policy advice on policy decisions relating to data and information matters
  • Maintaining the Data Asset Register and supervising management of the metadata register (data glossary/dictionary)
  • Providing support for data stewards and projects within the project management framework and the data governance framework to assist effective delivery of good data governance
  • Working closely with other teams both inside and outside the section, and liaise with project teams and managers across the agency (e.g. the Data Management Section)
  • Managing work undertaken by a virtual team across the agency
  • Interpreting policy, evaluating risk, and marking and communicating decisions aimed to enhance the maturity of data / information governance practices in the agency
  • Measuring performance of the Data Governance Office and the Data Matters implementation against KPI metrics

Job Specific duties

Duties include:

  • Convenes the IGC and SCoPs
  • Maintains the Data Asset Register and metadata repository
  • Develops and delivers, including consultation, communicating and educating, data/information policies, standards and guidelines for the agency
  • Facilitates and manages complex or escalated agency-wide data issues and managing the agency data decisions register
  • Reviews the progress of the Data Matters change management program and update materials as necessary, particularly around learning, training and CoPs
  • Implements and manages work flow to capture and maintain effective data quality metrics and reporting outcomes, and reporting on those metrics
  • Participates in Whole of Government data/information governance initiatives.
  • Procures and manages specialist project service providers to successfully deliver data governance improvement programs
  • Undertakes other related duties as directed
  • Demonstrates attitudes and behaviours responsive to workplace change (including participates in and encourages others to participate in change and contribute to successful outcomes)
  • Improves organisational performance through effective engagement with and management of risk within relevant sphere of influence
  • Establishes clear expectations and creates an environment to achieve stated goals and objectives, takes ownership and honours commitments
  • Maintains an understanding of their/worker responsibilities under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and a commitment to promoting a healthy and safe workplace.

Job Specific Capabilities

To succeed in this role you will need to be an experienced in Data and Information Governance with significant experience in a small-medium sized team, preferably in a public sector environment.

You will ideally have a data/information background but also have demonstrated ability supporting data management from a policy perspective and understanding the technology and work practices involved.

Your experience may include the following capabilities:

  • Technical expertise in data/information governance, data/information management and/or data analysis/analytics (.eg. raw data processing, ETL, business intelligence, recordkeeping)
  • Demonstrated experience in managing staff as per the APS contemporary and modern principles of management
  • Excellent problem solving skills and the ability understand and articulate ‘big picture’ ‘holistic’ thinking.
  • Well-established engagement, liaison and communication skills, with experience negotiating with stakeholders at all levels, including senior management.
  • Demonstrated strong analytical skills and advanced skills in data analysis to leverage agency data and information assets.
  • Demonstrated ability work well under pressure and take initiative in a changing environment.

Eligibility qualifications / Knowledge required

  • Appropriate experience or qualifications in information science, data analysis or related discipline
  • Knowledge of Australian Government data and information management strategy and policies, and how these apply to the work of IP Australia.
  • Commitment to Work Health Safety policies and procedures and APS and IP Australia values, including demonstrated personal qualities of integrity, initiative, drive and adaptability.

Application Requirements:

To apply for this position, candidates are asked to:

  • Frame their responses around the job specific duties and job specific capabilities of the role (as set out in this job documentation), and provide:
  1. An explanation of how their skills, knowledge and experience will be relevant to this role (limited response between 300 and 500 words)
  2. Details of no more than two (2) professional achievements, within the last 5 years, that demonstrate their suitability for this role (limited response between 300 and 500 words)
  • Provide a current CV detailing recent employment history which is relevant to the advertised position
  • Provide the name and contact details of two referees

Applications must be submitted through the IP Australia Web Recruitment system (ESS)

Please note: you MUST be an Australian Citizen to be engaged in the APS and to meet IP Australia’s security clearance requirements.

Contact officer

For further information pertaining to this job please contact: Kevin Jeffery on 02 6283 2100.


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Please note: All IP Australia positions are subject to an ENTRY ONLY pre-employment check unless a higher security clearance has been identified. Other pre-employment checks may also apply.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2018