Position Title:  Director - International ICT Cooperation
Classification:  EL2
Position Number:  5634
Tenure:  Non-Ongoing EOI
Duration:  For a period of up to 12 months
Section:  International ICT Cooperation
Group:  Innovation and Technology
Division:  Policy and Corporate
Location:  ACT
Immediate Supervisor:  Executive Level 2 (Senior Director)
Security Classification:  BASELINE

Group Responsibilities

The role of the Innovation and Technology Group (ITG) is to deliver and manage information and technology to enable IP Australia’s business.

Section Responsibilities

The International ICT Cooperation Team:

  • Lead and represent IP Australia in International ICT related fora from Strategy meetings, Standards forums to shared focus working groups and virtual centres of expertise such as Multi-Office ICT Road Map meeting, WIPO ICT Strategy and AI conference, Committee of WIPO Standards and the IP Australia led Design Representation Task Force and Blockchain working group and Task Force
  • Provide expertise and guidance on business and policy driven briefs supporting IP Australia's strategic objectives and commitments such as WIPO General Assembly, PCT Working Group, Meeting of International Authorities, CDIP and WIPO Standing Committees on the laws of IP Rights
  • Drive International engagement on ICT and transformational technology developments, from hosting delegates, establishing relationships for ITG, developing agendas and training to sourcing data, supporting inter-office communications and other initiatives 
  • An escalation and support point for all IP Rights Internationally leveraged business operated systems from ePCT, Madrid e-filing, Epoque, UPOV-EAF, WIPO-CASE, WIPO DAS, USPTO-PAIR and more
  • Leading and supporting transformational projects such as the digital transformation of sequence listing filing modes, legal status data sharing, machine to machine communication / API, end to end structured data, design representation, block chain and AI use in IP.

Job Description / Context of the Role

The International ICT Cooperation specialist supports IP Australia and the Innovation and Technology group in building IP Australia's authority at an international level in technological fields and advancements through leadership, influence, collaboration and cooperation across IP Offices by proactively engaging in international working groups, task forces, standards development, project and ICT deliverables in order to harmonise and build common practice, systems and process to the benefit of our stakeholders. 

Job-specific Duties

  • Represent Australia and IP Australia in committee on WIPO Standards work and associated Task Forces including but not limited to:
  1. Participation in ICT Strategy for Standards Task Force
  2. Participation and leadership of Blockchain Task Force
  3. Participation and leadership role within in Legal Status Task Force
  4. Participation in Sequence Listing (the presentation of nucleotide and amino acid sequence listings based on XML) task force and the transition to ST.26
  5. Participation in and leadership of Design Representation Task Force 
  6. Participation in 3D Task Force for IP Rights
  7. Participation and Name Standardisation Task Force
  8. Participation in ST.96 XML4IP task force including new activities regarding restful APIs and JSON standardisation
  9. Participation in Authority File Task Force
  10. Participation in Trade Mark standardisation (multimedia marks) task force
  11. Participation in Annual Technical Report (ATR) task force
  12. Participation in PCT Minimum Documentation task force
  • Prepare and support IP Australia Senior Management (e.g. CIO, GM PGG) and ITG Management in effective representation of ITG initiatives and International ICT Cooperation activities through delivery of strategic briefs, policy documents and ministerials related to Information and Communication technology initiatives and innovations for presentation at international conferences, meetings and other external fora
  • Assist in the management of the ongoing development of IPOcollab tool and all ongoing collaborative project and initiatives carried within such as IPO shared services, comparative studies and TM-Link.
  • Assist in the management of and development of ongoing and future targeted knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration activities with a technological and ICT related focus
  • Project management and leadership of the development of common API for Legal Status data transfer for all IP Rights
  • Project management and leadership of IP Australia and customer transition to use of and implementation of Sequence listing standard ST.26 from ST.25
  • Project management and ongoing engagement with the internal and external stakeholders in relation to further development of PCT online services, especially ePCT
  • Assist in the management of the ongoing development of IPOcollab tool and all ongoing collaborative project and initiatives carried within such as IPO shared services, comparative studies and TM-Link
  • Assist in the management of and development of ongoing and future targeted knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration activities with a technological and ICT related focus
  • Assist in the management and development of core API services related to WIPO-CASE and IP Australia's leadership in the development of said services for use in Business Transformation
  • Support and enhance developments of structured data use and delivery
  • Assist in the delivery of PBR enhancements project paper inclusive of filing, automation and examination
  • Lead, manage and support activities relating to visiting delegations from foreign jurisdictions
  • Support the continued development of and the International ICT Cooperation Strategy & Road Map in line with the ICT 2022 ICT Strategy, International Engagement Strategy and IP Australia corporate plan
  • Undertaking other duties, including ITG, QIS, ISO9001 and corporate processes, as requested
  • Demonstrating attitudes and behaviours that are responsive to workplace change (including participating in change and contributing to successful outcomes)
  • Improving organisational performance through effective engagement with and management of risk within their relevant sphere of influence
  • Establishing clear expectations and creating an environment to achieve stated goals and objectives, taking ownership and honouring commitments
  • Maintaining an understanding of their/worker responsibilities under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and a commitment to promoting a healthy and safe workplace.

Job-specific Capabilities

The successful candidate will possess the following:

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills – both written and oral
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively negotiate positive outcomes with both Internal and External stakeholders at varying levels of seniority
  • Demonstrated skills and experience managing projects from start to finish
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with use of WIPO Standards
  • Demonstrated ability to understand, communicate and translate internal and / or external stakeholder business and operational needs in to requirements for solution delivery
  • Skills and experience in the use of, management of and / or communication of Innovative technological solutions and products
  • Knowledge of XML, JSON, APIs, Machine Learning, Data Standards
  • Good knowledge of all IP Australia core business is highly desirable 
  • Ability to lead and manage the priorities of a small team in line with competing agendas and tight timeframes
  • Exceptional problems solving skills, particularly in the areas of collaboration, securing resourcing and technology delivery
  • Well-developed organisational skills including the ability to prioritise and collaborate with others to achieve deadlines

Eligibility Qualifications / Knowledge Required

Candidates with knowledge of WIPO and WIPO standards development would be highly preferred.

Candidates with knowledge of API driven service delivery would be highly regarded.

Candidates with demonstrated experience of delivering technology outcomes in collaboration with other IP Offices would be highly regarded. 

Application Requirements

To apply for this position, candidates are asked to:

  • Frame their responses around the job specific duties and job specific capabilities of the role (as set out in this job documentation), and provide:
  1. An explanation of how their skills, knowledge and experience will be relevant to this role (limited response of no more than 800 words)
  2. Details of no more than two (2) professional achievements, within the last 5 years, that demonstrate their suitability for this role (limited response of no more than 800 words)
  • Provide a current CV detailing recent employment history which is relevant to the advertised position
  • Provide the name and contact details of two referees

Applications must be submitted through the IP Australia Web Recruitment system (ESS)

Contact Officer

For further information pertaining to this job please contact Matt Fenech on 02 6283 2986.



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All IP Australia staff contribute to the achievement of organisational outcomes and the overall management of IP Australia by assisting, as appropriate, the Commissioner of Patents and the Registrars of Trade Marks and Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights, and their deputies (where relevant), to perform statutory functions, and where appropriate, exercise relevant delegations.

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Please note: All IP Australia positions are subject to an ENTRY ONLY pre-employment check unless a higher security clearance has been identified. Other pre-employment checks may also apply.


Job documentation updated and endorsed for use: 
Monday, May 20, 2019