Last updated: 
4 May 2016

IP Australia is working to define the capabilities sought and expected of people who are performing ICT professional roles. The role definitions provided here will eventually cover all roles that are involved in the development, maintenance, support and ongoing management of IP Australia’s ICT systems and environment.

IP Australia aims to standardise the roles to avoid duplication and confusion over custom designed and uniquely named roles across both APS and contractor engagements. This approach is based on recognising the difference between skills, knowledge, qualifications and other attributes which people may bring to the performance of their duties and drawing the common aspects into a standard framework. The framework utilised is the Skill Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).

SFIA is an international framework that represents an anchor point for people management processes within an organisation and for the career planning of ICT professionals. It forms the basis for defining ICT capabilities in our IP Australia Professional profiles framework.

As role definitions are progressively developed for each ICT discipline, they will be added below.