General Manager, Patents Chemical, PBR & Electrical Group 

Bachelor of Science

Having attained his degree from the Australian National University, Victor's first job interview was for a patent examiner position in 1987.

He began as an examiner in January 1988 and after four years took up a role in the patent examiner training area. Victor worked in various positions within the patents area until 2000, when he was appointed as Deputy Registrar of Designs.

In December 2007, he was promoted to a senior executive position as General Manager of Patents and Plant Breeders Right's Group.

Victor's knowledge of the organisation and its processes enables him to lead his team of nearly 200 examiners, underpinned by a wealth of grass roots understanding.

‘The reason I've been here so long is because the job is always interesting and I've always worked with a great bunch of people. We have fantastic employment conditions, it is a stable work environment and there are many options for a very rewarding career with different challenges every day. In my group, people have the opportunity to utilise their degree and stay in touch with the cutting edge of technology in their field of interest; be it physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, design, plant breeding and so on,’ he said.