The IP Government Open Data (IPGOD) is the first complete and open national Intellectual Property (IP) register that links IP rights to business numbers in a simple data format.  

In 2014, we issued the first release of IPGOD with a subsequent releases in 2015 and 2016. With its release, over 100 years of records comprising patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights held by IP Australia are now publicly and freely available.

The data includes information about IP rights applications that can be matched to individual firms along with information about their size, technology and geographic location. The data is highly detailed, including information on each aspect of the application process from application through to granting of IP rights.

The data also encompasses everything from the genus and species of new varieties of crops to legal information relating to hearings and oppositions associated with the granting of a right, attorney information on agents representing IP right applicants, a range of process information and abstracts for patent applications.

We have published a paper to accompany IPGOD which describes the data and illustrates its use, as well as a technical paper on the firm matching.

A new live version of IPGOD, known as IPGOLD is now available through and provides weekly updates of our data. IPGOLD will be inherently the same data as the IPGOD data set, with a weekly update instead of the annual snapshot available in IPGOD.

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