Request for partial Examination Fee Refund Application

Use this form to apply for a partial refund relating to an overpayment of a PBR examination fee. 

You may be entitled to a partial refund if:

  • Your growing trial was conducted at an authorised Centralised Testing Centre (CTC) from 1996 onwards, and
  • You paid more than the discounted examination fee that applies to such applications.

Applicable examination fees to 30 June 2012 were $800 and from 01 July 2012 are $920. Each edition of the Plant Variety Journal published the CTCs authorised at the time of their publication. We're unable to process a request for a refund without this completed form.

For further information, please contact us.

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Please note that refunds will only be made to a person or entity that was the applicant at the time the examination fee was paid (or their current Agent). If you're the current Agent representing the PBR applicant/owner, you'll need to provide a letter of authorisation from the applicant/owner to request a refund on their behalf.

Attach proof of payment, i.e. receipt, bank statement, statutory declaration (evidence of payment is required for a refund to be issued).

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PBR Application details and Payment details

We need to correctly identify the application and assess the entitlement to a refund. If you trialled more than one variety at the same CTC during the same time period you can combine their information in the application number and variety fields, using a comma (,) to separate them. For varieties trialled during a different time period, you'll need to complete a separate form.

Method of refund

Note: refunds will only be made to a person or entity that was the applicant at the time the examination fee was paid or their current Agent acting on their behalf.


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