Review the concept and benefit of multiple applications

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Policy ID: 96

Status: On hold

Priority: Low

Design rights

Issue summary

Under the Designs Act, an applicant can submit a design application in respect to more than one product, if each product belongs to the same Locarno Agreement class, this is referred to as a 'multiple design application'.

While processing a multiple design application, IP Australia automatically assigns each design a separate application number and, once registered, they are split into separate applications. As applicants pay a separate fee for each design and the applications are split (despite being in the same Locarno class), the ability to file multiple applications appears to currently have little value to applicants.

Options to address this issue will be explored under this proposal.


  • Identified for action 08-Aug-2019
  • Reviewed August 2020


Status and priority reviewed August 2020 IP Policy Committee meeting.

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