Adding value with our data

With the recent release of our new Corporate Plan we thought it timely to let you know about our value-added data services. In addition to our core business of intellectual property (IP) rights administration, one of our strategic objectives is to provide a number of services which support our customers in the areas of enforcement, commercialisation and analytics. A key part of this is to make our publicly available data accessible to our customers. We provide the following data products:

Bulk data products

We provide bulk data products for patents, trade marks and plant breeder’s rights. This data contains bibliographic and image data captured in our databases when an application for an IP right is made or updated. This data is supplied in XML format and requires a purpose built database system, which is not available from us. Please note that we do not currently offer designs bulk data.

IP Government Open Data (IPGOD)

IPGOD is the first complete and open national IP register that links IP rights to business numbers in a simple data format. Over 100 years of records held by IP Australia are now publicly and freely available. The data includes information about IP rights applications that can be matched to individual firms along with information about their size, technology and geographic location.

The 2017 edition of IPGOD was released in April 2017, with a number of significant improvements in the amount and quality of the available data and documentation to improve its accessibility. The weekly upload automation of a live version of IPGOD known as IP Government Open Live Data (IPGOLD) remains available through a desktop solution.

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6 September 2017